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Orchestra and Band Solo Ensemble

Savannah Hilterbrandt

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On Saturday, February 18th, the band and orchestra will perform their solos and ensembles for a judge. It is taking place at Gibbs high school. The judges are scoring each ensemble/solo by intonation, pitch, expression, and dynamics. Intonation is the tone quality of the instrument.

For example, if the tone sounds scratchy or unclear, the judge will take points off their final score. For a string instrument, the expression part can be accomplished by vibrato (to vibrate- almost like a pulse), and the volume (loud/soft) of the sound. For both strings and band, the dynamics are very important. When playing a slower piece, it makes sense to play softer and more delicate. When playing a faster more exciting piece, you play louder. A piano will accompany most of the pieces. After adding up the total score, the judge is allowed to comment on any good/bad things.

Overall, this experience is meant to focus on things you can improve for next time, and help you to advance into your career of music.

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Orchestra and Band Solo Ensemble