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Syndicated Sound and Chorus go to Alabama

Katelyn Sadowski and Ashley Dees

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Recently the Tarpon Springs Syndicated Sound and Chorus traveled to Alabama to preform. Many students participated in this wonderful event. For this article we interviewed Ezri Lowe. She is an instrumentalist. She played a big part in the show.

How did the chorus do?

“Overall I think we did pretty good, but we certainly didn’t try our best.”

How did you do as an individual?

“As an individual I think I played very well, but I could’ve played louder in some specific parts.”

Could you improve anything?

“As an instrumentalist, I don’t think I have much to improve on. The dancers and singers in theater I feel could work more on diction and intensifying their dance moves. ”

What songs did you sing?

“Prodigal Son”, “A Little Party”, “Ashes of Eden”, “Carry on my Way” and “Back Home”

Did the Syndicated Sound and Chorus give the best performance they could?

“We placed 3rd place which is pretty decent. In my opinion we did not try our best, but we are certainly now trying to be better and far more motivated in which we are!”

To travel to Alabama and have your hard work and practice all pay off to put on a great performance is amazing. Third place is a very good score. The Tarpon Syndicated Sound and Chorus Program puts in a lot effort into learning the choreography and getting their sound just right. They chose to be in these programs, therefore they are truly performers. Hopefully we will be seeing more from these amazing hardworking students.


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Syndicated Sound and Chorus go to Alabama